Innoventis-Pharma helps the independent pharmacist to write his story and differentiate himself with a personalized high-quality range of skin care products. To reinforce the relationship between customers and pharmacy.

We achieve with an exclusive network of customers and partners where “exchange” is key. Products and services are developed in collaboration with customers and institutes that meet the highest quality standards and that are considered top of their field. Knowledge, experience and innovation meet within an exceptional concept.

Five values ​​are at the heart of our DNA: Passion - Integrity - Respect - Involvement - Loyalty.

Our mission is to strengthen the Pharmacy Ecosystem, in which the pharmacist and his customers are exclusively interconnected.

New technologies and economies of scale are disrupting the health care landscape. Consumers are starting to question the added value of intermediaries and their behavior is changing.

Innovation and a customer-centric approach are assets that pharmacists must master in order to generate emotion and affinity.

In addition, new needs have emerged due to the overload of product information. Consumers are looking for a trustworthy and authentic companion to guide them through this huge source of information. Trust originates from empathy, knowledge and personalized advice. Creating authenticity by telling an original story… diametrically opposed to what the Internet and social networks daily provide. And a real opportunity for the pharmacist.