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Create your own brand

Innoventis-Pharma offers the opportunity to develop your own brand of personalized skin care products. Formulas consist exclusively of high-quality components in objective concentrations. The pharmacist can determine his brand positioning and marketing strategy. An instore brand reinforces customer loyalty and expertise in skin care. Each customer has the exclusive right to distribute his brand within an agreed upon region (zone of influence).

How to build your own brand?

How to build your brand?

Step 1: Product Selection

Pharmacists can create their own brand of (dermato-)cosmetics. The Cosmetic Range focuses on skin aging and hydration for different skin types. The dermato-cosmetic range has been developed based on the most common Skin Problems.

Step 2: Graphic Creation

The designers of Innoventis-Pharma and the pharmacist create the "brand". This includes graphic creation of labels up and personalized secondary packaging (optional). The existing corporate graphic style of the pharmacy can be fully integrated (logo, colors, style). Marketing and communication tools can also be personalized to match the corporate style.

Step 3: IT Programmation

Innoventis-Pharma will program all individual labels for each customer in an automated platform. This approach ensures continuity in quality and fast processing of orders, without any delays or manual interference.

Step 4: Production and Shipping

Personalized labels are printed and orders are produced "on demand", with an average delivery time of one week.

Step 5: Launch

The pharmacist and his team are the key to the success of the brand. In order to build up product knowledge and to acquire communication and sales techniques, we start by determining a coaching plan. Secondly, we create a communication plan to define how the brand can be promoted and made visible.

Can’t wait to create your own brand?

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