Under the influence of the Internet and the rise of new competitive distribution channels, buying behavior and customer expectations have changed. Today’s customer is informed, confident and demanding. Experience and emotional involvement is expected at all times as well as an impeccable product knowledge and tailored advice, especially in the pharmacy!

Successfully launching your own brand requires a strong marketing and sales strategy. That is where we step in, by helping the pharmacist and his team in writing their own story. In order to do so, we developed a range of products and services:

  • Product trainings for the pharmacist and team
  • Marketing and sales coaching
  • Samples, testers and gift models
  • Personalized brochures, flyers and promotional material
  • Promotional actions
  • Personalized packaging
  • Skin analysis day
  • Promotional evenings for customers


SKINBAR: reinforce your reputation as skin care specialist

Today’s customer is permanently looking for positive experiences, also in the pharmacy. He expects to be rewarded for his efforts to visit the physical pharmacy and he demands a truly unique experience, especially when it comes to skin care.

SKINBAR is a range of services, developed to increase the impact of skin care advice in a professional and personal way. Each one of these services is designed to actively strengthen the relationship between the customer and pharmacist and to accentuate the role of the pharmacist as a skin care expert.

The SKINBAR range is a coaching program that entails these services:

  • General training on the knowledge of the skin
  • Training on Skin Care advice
  • Leasing contract for a Skin Analysis Device
  • Training on Skin Analysis
  • Coaching in Marketing and Communication